Raf Simons AW 2002 ‘Virginia Creeper’ Digi-Camo Oversized Sweater
Raf Simons AW 2002 ‘Virginia Creeper’ Digi-Camo Oversized Sweater
Raf Simons AW 2002 ‘Virginia Creeper’ Digi-Camo Oversized Sweater
Archived Dreams / Egrets, LLC

Raf Simons AW 2002 ‘Virginia Creeper’ Digi-Camo Oversized Sweater

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Raf Simons Fall / Winter 2002 collection presents itself as a conversation between man and nature. The collections namesake, a deciduous vine known as the “virginia creeper,” is representative of the daunting and alluring aspects within the wilderness. The vine is both mesmerizing in its flurry of vibrant colors, yet harmful when touched, and this duality is one humans have long been well aware of. From vast forests which bring us both awe and terror to the many predators which serve as both food and threat, nature persists in our most wondrous dreams and wildest fears. Raf incorporates Virginia Creeper with an array of earthly inspired colors in its knits, bombers and long coats. The models walk through a forested background in bark browns and nightly blacks paired with leafy greens and snow-like whites. Nordic sweaters are accompanied with see-through ponchos, oversized coats, and glistening puffer jackets often with an ominous hood to mystify the look. As the final model disappears into the staged forestry we are left with a collection both astonishing and eerie in nature.

Garments in this collection are chemically treated to fade with excess body head and wear away on the human body, similar to the way the virginia creeper eats away other plants and structures that are in its way. Light themes of Americana are also inclusive in the collections aesthetic in Raf’s effort to pay homage to summer camp culture and 80’s horror films. A creative reference that he holds near and dear to his creative process.

This knit turtleneck features an earth-toned digital camo that is easily recognizable across two decades of fandom. This particular knit is made in one-size and is intended to have an exaggerated fit.

Marked size OS (please refer to measurements):

Shoulder: 30in

Chest: 29in

Length: 24in

Sleeve: 20in

Made in Belgium

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